2014 XMAS PARTY

Following the success of 2013 winter alpine theme NKrush turned up the temperature and invited Arrowgrass to celebrate Christmas 2014 in Hawaii. In a dark London street, through an unassuming door led to a world of Tiki d├ęcor huts, exotic palm trees, tropical flowers and delicious (but be warned potent!) colourful cocktails. Hawaiian girls in grass skirts and bright leis welcomed party goers in style and encouraged them to show off their skills on the surf machine! The interior was saturated with parrots, surfboards, Hawaiian statues and the not so still Hawaiian dancers. Live bands and limbo dancing carried the party into the early hours and the state of the art LED dance floor showcased such impressive scenes from Hawaii, that people thought they needed to book flights not taxis home. A Christmas party like no other. Aloha!