To celebrate Red Bull Racing’s quadruple triumph in the F1 Drivers and Construction Championship, NKrush was specially selected to organise an end of season party worthy of their employees and partners. NKrush transformed an empty warehouse into an Austrian Tyrollean alpine resort, with their exceptional level of detail delivering sensational results.

The 1,600 guests descended the ski chalet steps to find themselves transported into a wondrous Alpine scene, encapsulating the very essence of an Austrian Winter wonderland. Through NKrush’s personal contacts, Grammy award winning, international star Gary Barlow was secured for a private concert and helicoptered in immediately after his appearance on the X Factor live finals.

NKrush successfully executed this prestigious event from start to finish. They meticulously managed the creative concept, budget alignment, supplier negotiation and procurement, artist liaison, f&b, interior design, event construction and exclusive event execution (inclusive of stage entertainment and on screen content).